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2017 Global Science Link Awardees

Oral Session

Best Presentation Award

Bansud National High School-Mimaropa
Regional Science High School (PHL)

「Analysis of the Functional Properties and Proximate Composition of Banana Exocarp as a Primary Constituent of Flour-Based Food Products: A Promising Response in Bridging Hunger Gap」

Futuristic Award

Bangkok Christian College (THA)

「Indicating Changes to Mud Condition in Mangrove Forest from Coastal Erosion Due to Climate Change by Utilizing Mudskipper's Prototype」

Innovative Award

The University of Tokyo Secondary School
attached to the Faculty of Education (JPN)

「Stomatal Responses of Immobile Plants」

Poster Session

1st Prize

Princess Chulabhorn Science High School Buriram (THA)

「The Study of Finding the Number of Squares which are in a Rectangle」

2nd Prize

National Institute of Technology, Ynago College (JPN)

「Investigation and Development of a New Solid Polymer Electrolyte Using Natural Egg Shell Membrane for Fuel Cell Devices」

3rd Prize

Bansud National High School-Mimaropa Regional Science High School (PHL)

「Green Reinforced Composites based on Agricultural waste by-Products Lignocellulosic Plant Fibers (LPF) for Concrete Masonry Blocks (CMB)」

2017 Global Issue Link Awardees

Oral Session

Best Presentation Award

Akita Minami High School (JPN)

「The Potential of Food Education to Solve the Obesity Problem」

Special Award

Summit Education Vietnam (VNM)
(High School for Gifted Student, Hanoi National University of Education, Phan Dinh Phung High School, Foreign Language Specialized School, British International School anoi)

「Survey on Hanoi residents' habit of using antibiotics and awareness of anti-biotic resistance」

Poster Session

1st Prize

Yokohama Science Frontier High School (JPN)

「A Study of the Employment System in Japan at Globalization」

2nd Prize

Sapporo Nihon University Senior High School (JPN)

「Proposal for establishing a new department in UNESCO」

3rd Prize

Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the Gifted (VNM)

「Child Sexual Abuse」