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Special website for GLO2022 has been opened.
Special website for GLO2021 has been opened.
2020 has postponed due to COVID-2019. Please wait for more details.
2020 has postponed due to COVID-2019. Please wait for more details.
Began taking applications for GLS 2020
Uploaded GLQ 2020 information.
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What is Global Link

As we prepare ourselves to enter an unpredictable future, the social environment that surrounds us is undergoing a significant transformation.
As the pace of globalization accelerates and AI dramatically changes the way we work, the junior and senior high school students of today who will inherit our world will need to gain the skills required in the coming new age.
It is not enough to simply absorb knowledge. We must utilize that knowledge and collaborate with various people, engage in solving challenges with no clear answers, and disseminate the results to the world.
Global Link is not only a place where the participants pursue learning and make presentations on topics centered on the SDGs, which has been a subject covered increasingly in classrooms. It is also a place for nurturing the know-how and skills to achieve these goals, a place of interaction between companies and researchers, and a platform that provides a contact point with society.
As bearers of the future for creating a better society, Global Link will continue to create a place of growth for junior and senior high school students.

Global Link Singapore is an event that was created with the understanding of the speed at which globalization is progressing, as a place where the knowledge that we gain can be shared. The event started in 2014, and is set in Singapore, the heart of the ASEAN region.
Its purpose is to invite junior and senior high school students in the Asia Pacific region who have taken great interest in these matters as an ideas contest where students and researchers of similar generations engage in lively opinion exchanges in their respective fields of research.
As a place of disseminating ideas to the world using English as a tool, two divisions have been established: the Global Science Link, which focuses on scientific issues, and the Global Issue Link, which focuses on social challenges.
In 2019, 313 junior and senior high school students from six countries and regions (Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, and China) participated in the event, turning it into what is now a global event where oral presentations, booth oral presentations, and poster presentations are held.

As a continuation of the preview event held in 2018, the first Global Link Queensland event was held in 2019 in Tangalooma, Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia. This year, 73 elementary, junior high, and senior high school students from Japan, Australia, and China participated. Located 40 kilometers along the coast from Brisbane, the state capital, this island contains untouched natural landscapes, and is inhabited by various forms of marine life. Here, participants will consider and discuss the SDGs, which are centered on environmental issues, listen to lectures on environmental issues, and have meaningful interactions while making presentations.


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