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    Soleil Hill
    STEP 1 & 2

  • Visiting Soleil Hill
    - -
    It is ok to visit by car! Free parking spaces are available!
    A free shuttle bus service is available near JR Yokosuka Station!

    *40 passengers per bus

    Please fill put a questionnaire to get free services at Soleil Hill.

    Free parking lot!(normally 1,000yen) Free Shuttlebus(please reserve in advance)
    Free shuttle bus time Table
    Mercure Yokosuka
    9:00 Dep.
    11:00 Dep.

    Verny Park
    9:10 Dep.
    11:10 Dep.

    Soleil Hill
    10:00 Arr.
    12:00 Arr.
    Verny Park
    13:50 Arr.
    15:50 Arr.
    18:00 Arr.

    Mercure Yokosuka
    13:40 Arr.
    15:40 Arr.
    17:50 Arr.

    Soleil Hill
    13:00 Dep.
    15:00 Dep.
    17:15 Dep.
  • Optional Bus Tours
    Mini Tours
    STEP 3

  • Free
    Mini Tours
    We have optional bus tours to visit the west coast.Select a course and apply for it in advance

    * Up to 10 people can join each course
    * Participants who applied in advance receive first priority.
    • Beautiful Nature View Course
    • Shopping Course
    There are many instagrammable spots, such as Tateishi Park, which faces the sea with a superb view, which was captured in world well known Ukiyo-e prints, and the cool Arasaki Coast with rough rocky areas!
    Soleil Hill 10:30 Dep. 14:30 Dep.
    Arasaki Coast 10:50 Arr. 14:50 Arr.
    Tateishi Park 11:50 Arr. 15:50 Arr.
    Shonan International Village sightseeing from the bus sightseeing from the bus
    Soleil Hill 13:00 Arr. 17:00 Arr.
    Buy delicious local foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits and Japanese bread. If you are lucky, you may be able to see Kawazu cherry blossoms!
    Soleil Hill 10:30 Dep. 14:00 Dep.
    Kawazu cherry blossoms sightseeing from the bus sightseeing from the bus
    (Bread store)
    11:00 Arr. 14:30 Arr.
    (Farmer's market)
    12:10 Arr. 15:40 Arr.
    Soleil Hill 13:30 Arr. 17:00 Arr.
  • Optional Bus Tours
    Exploration Course
    STEP 3

  • Enjoy Nature and Culture!
    Exploration Course

    * Reservation required.
    * Please pay the bus staff for the participation fee on that day.(Japanease yen,cash only)
    * Participants must not exceed the age limit and must follow the rules about personal belongings and other matters. For details, please see notes.

    Buddha statue by Unkei and Picnic at Mt.Ogusu


    This course includes a visit to the Buddha statue created by Unkei (designated national important cultural property) and a picnic at Mt. Ogusu. It will take approximately 4 hours. See the beautiful view from the observation tower at the peak of Mt. Ogusu!

    Soleil Hill (10:30 departure) → Jourakuji Temple (11:00 to 11:30) → Starting point for the climb at Maedabashi (11:45) → Peak of the mountain (13:00 to 13:45) → Ogusu Ashinaguchi (14:35) → Soleil Hill (15:00)

    Buddha statue by Unkei and Doll’s festival(Japanese traditional festival)
    *Only on March 3


    Enjoy Japanese culture by visiting the Buddha statue by Unkei (national designated important cultural property) at Jourakuji Temple, which is not usually open to the public, and Doll's festival at Awashima Shrine, which takes place only once a year on Mar.3!

    Soleil Hill (14:00 departure) → Jourakuji Temple (14:30 to 15:00) → Doll's festival (15:30 to 16:30) → Soleil Hill (17:00 arrival)

    Sea Kayaking
    *Normally 6,000yen


    Try Sea Kayaking in the calm sea of Sagami Bay. If you are lucky, you can see Mt.Fuji on the sea!

    Soleil Hill (10:30 departure) → sea kayaking (11:00 to 13:30) → Soleil Hill (14:00 arrival)

    Strawberry picking at Tsukuihama
    *Normally 1,500yen


    Strawberry picking is very popular on the warm Miura Peninsula. Eat as many ripe, red strawberries as you want for 30 minutes!

    Soleil Hill (10:30 departure) → Strawberry picking at Tsukuihama Tourism Farm (11:00 to 12:00) → Soleil Hill (12:30 arrival)

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*This project receives a general subsidy to strengthen the aut onomous base of municipalities in Kanagawa Prefecture using div idends from the earnings of Kawasaki Keiba, which is sponsored by the Kanagawa Prefecture Kawasaki Racing Association.

Sponsored by:Yokosuka City Tourism Association

Jointly sponsored by:Yokosuka City

Run by:JTB

Free shuttle bus stop
[location map]

*To ride a bus, please reserve in advance

Application is here

Contact for inquiries

Yokosuka City Tourism Association

(9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. on weekdays)

Application Website

Bookings are accepted until two days before the tour.

Others and Notes

  • Please refrain from participating with only Japanese because this is a monitor tour for foreigners.
  • Participants will be required to fill out a questionnaire when the monitor has ended.
  • We are accepting applications in advance on our website. A li mited number of people can ride the bus. Although you can apply on the day, please note that you may have to wait for the next bus if the number of passengers reaches capacity.
  • The shuttle bus will run even if it rains. We will inform participants on our Facebook page if this trial is cancelled due to severe weather , such as snow , and buses cannot be operated safely.
  • Participants cannot bring strollers on the optional bus tours.