What is Global Link Singapore

International Convention for Students
"Global Link Singapore"

Junior and Senior high school students from various countries
gather together in a convention held in Singapore.
You will make presentation and discuss ideas in this convention!

This year, there are 2 major topic

"Science" or "Global Issues"
Through to mutual interests, the convention envisions to create international relationship among students
and also to have a chance to discuss with researchers or experts.

There are two categories

"Global Science Link (GSL)" and "Global Issue Link (GIL)".
In GSL, students will give presentations about scientific or technological research or idea
In GIL, students will propose solution or opinion about Global Issues.
We welcome inspiring new ideas.

Share your idea and develop your interests at this convention!
Take your first step towards making a difference on the global stage!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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Feature of Global Link Singapore

Students make English presentations on the international stage.
  Students can communicate with world-leading researchers or experts through discussion.

Students who are interested in similar theme join this convention.
  Students from different countries can communicate with each other in the same field.

Students can visit leading-edge research facilities and the university of Singapore.
  They will have valuable experiences, quite different from a sightseeing tour.